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We help your writing grow.

From improving your English to polishing your academic and nonfiction writing, we empower writers.

Copyediting or proofreading for dissertations, master’s theses, journal articles, research and reflective essays, and admissions materials. We can help with grammar, clarity, and MLA, APA, or Chicago-style formatting.

Improve your writing skills. Clients use these sessions to talk through their writing process, develop their ideas, or improve their academic English skills in preparation for graduate school.

Feeling stuck writing your dissertation? We’ll walk with you throughout the process. We can help you understand the difficult pieces of the writing process, collect sources and organize your literature review, and respond to your reviewers’ comments. 

Copyediting and proofreading for reports, white pages, educational materials, and documentation for educational agencies and institutions. We work with clients to clean up their drafts, improve readability, or double-check their final products. We specialize in nonfiction materials related to K–12 education.

What It's Like to Work With Us:

Meet the Wise Oak Team

Ellen Morgan


I started my career as a middle school English teacher. Now, I combine an intense focus on detail with my passion for seeing the writer as a person. I know your work is important to you, and I want to help you make your writing come to life–whether through advancing your academic English abilities, drafting your dissertation, polishing your formatting for your style guide, or checking for inconsistencies in your fiction piece, my focus is on you as the writer.  

K Wyrick


I received my PhD in English in December 2021, the most recent milestone in my lifelong writing journey. I’ve been writing fiction for as long as I can remember, and I began pursuing academic writing when I started my undergraduate studies in English. Writing has always felt like a very personal and meaningful activity to me, and I love helping others express themselves in their own writing. 

Janille Stephens


I got my start as an elementary school teacher. After leaving public education, I successfully published curriculum for elementary school teachers, along with publishing my own writing online. As a lifelong writer, I believe that anyone can learn to write well, and that everyone has important work to share.

Shay Fort


I have been writing stories, poetry, and nonfiction for as long as I can remember. Somewhere in my late teens, I began to see a connection between three of my favorite subjects (music, mathematics, and writing): patterns. My studies at Texas A&M University included advanced grammar in Spanish and linguistics, both of which lent confidence in my own writing and peer editing. My goal is to help you improve as a writer, concisely convey your thoughts and research, and keep your audience engaged and interested.

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