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Live Sessions

Synchronous Sessions to Guide Your Writing Process & Improve Your English


Sometimes, one-on-one sessions are a more effective way to improve your writing skills. You can:

  • use these sessions to talk through their writing process. Talk through your ideas with a writing specialist, or learn more about how to organize their paper. 
  • improve their academic English skills more generally. These sessions may include academic writing practice in addition to reading, speaking, and listening practice. 
  • get one-on-one help with grammar and other writing roadblocks. I’ll make confusing topics make sense so that you can write more clearly in the future.

Live sessions cost $30 an hour. Please note that you’re only charged for the time on-screen, not the time I spend preparing for the sessions. 

I schedule sessions a week at a time at the end of the previous week. Sessions are a first-come, first-serve basis. 

If you need to cancel, please do so more than two hours before the session. 

Sessions last from half an hour to two hours. 

Sessions are very flexible. Before the session, we’ll discuss goals for the next session. I’ll come prepared with reading materials, grammar practice, or feedback.

Great question! Live sessions can be combined with proofreading and copyediting to maximize your growth as a writer. 

I plan to spend anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour per week prepping for our live sessions, depending on how many sessions we’ve planned. If you need feedback on a paper that would take longer to read, please plan on combining these two services. 

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