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Speech Coaching

Speech Coaching

Get help preparing for your dissertation defense, conference presentation, or job talk. Live coaching sessions help you create your visuals, plan what to say, and conquer your nerves.


Coaching and feedback for all types of academic public speaking, including dissertation and thesis defenses, conference presentations, job talks, class speeches, or any other type of speech you may want or need to give. Consultations can also help with communication anxiety or other challenges to public speaking.

I can help you with: 

  • organization and argumentation
  • visual aids
  • clarity in verbal and/or nonverbal communication
  • practicing your speech
  • audience adaptation
  • overcoming speech anxiety

I offer a cut-rate to students. I usually charge $35 per hour, but if you’re a student paying for your own academic project, I charge $30 per hour. 

Sessions generally last one hour, though depending on where you are in your project, we can schedule multiple sessions to discuss writing the speech or to practice multiple times. I generally don’t schedule coaching sessions for longer than a one-hour block per day because you need the time to implement and consider what we discussed during the session. Before we meet, you will send me any materials you have already prepared, such as an outline of your presentation or a visual aid. You will also let me know what you want to focus on during our meeting. 
I generally schedule meetings about a week in advance so that we both have time to prepare for the coaching session. I will arrive having looked over the materials you sent me. Appointments are on a first-come, first-served basis. If you need to cancel, please do so more than two hours before the meeting is scheduled. I generally cannot schedule same-day appointments, and I am often booked ahead of time. Please schedule meetings as soon as you know you would like a coaching session.
None! We can discuss your presentation at any stage of the process. If you know you have to give a speech but feel stuck and can’t get started, we can talk about content and organization. If you have written a full speech but have public speaking anxiety, we can discuss strategies to feel more confident before your speaking date. 

This usually costs between $90 and $300, depending on what you’d like done. 

No. This is a coaching service. During a coaching session, I can walk you through the process of writing a speech from start to finish, or we can focus on particular elements of the speech that are tripping you up. 

Krystal Felton

Ph.d., Rhetoric

I have taught collegiate public speaking, debate, and communication courses for over six years, and coached a  speech and debate team. I also have experience working at a university Speaking Center as a speech coach. Communication is my passion, and I can’t wait to help you communicate what’s important to you. 

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